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As most of you know, the financial industry has cracked down and doesn’t allow us to collect payment via credit card.  PayPal and Google Pay are the same.  That said, we try to offer as many different payment methods as possible and only use those services that are completely secure.  Because we don’t take credit cards, we also don’t have fees that go along with them.  So we are saving money and can pass that on to you.  Here is what we have available:

Venmo: Venmo is owned by PayPal and is extremely secure and free.  Simply download the app on your phone or tablet and attach your credit or debit card.  We never  see your card info and the transfer is almost immediate.  Your product ships right away and you have a record of your purchase.  When you choose Venmo, you will receive instructions upon completion about how to send your payment.

Zapper:  Zapper is even easier than Venmo to use and is also extremely secure.  Download the Zapper App and attach your card and when asked, scan the QR code and you are done.   We never see any payment info and you have to authorize the payment by scanning the QR code through the Zapper app.  Upon completion you will receive and email and you can keep track of payments in the app.

E-check:  Choose E-check and input routing and account number and your done.

Messenger:  Start a new message and scan my QR code or send to 540-220-7641.  Choose Pay friend and input your payment information.

Zelle Most major banks now offer Zelle to their customers.  Zelle works just like Venmo accept it is only for the bank account attached to your bank.