Choose the payment method you prefer and we will invoice or request money through that service.

As most of you know, the financial industry has cracked down and doesn’t allow us to collect payment via credit card.  PayPal and Google Pay are the same.  That said, we try to offer as many different payment methods as possible and only use those services that are completely secure.  Because we don’t take credit cards, we also don’t have fees that go along with them.  So we are saving money and can pass that on to you.  Some of these options involve using a credit card.  You may choose which on you want to use and we will request payment from you based on your choice.  PLEASE DO NOT MENTION KRATOM OR CBD.  They will cancel us again.  If you have any questions, please call.  You may also call your order in and we can take payment that way.  It’s unfortunate that it has to be this way, but it is beyond our control.

E-check:  Choose E-check and input routing and account number and your done.

Messenger:  Start a new message and scan my QR code or send to 540-220-7641.  Choose Pay friend and input your payment information.

Zelle:  Most major banks now offer Zelle to their customers.  Zelle works just like accept it is only for the bank account attached to your bank.

Google Pay:  Google has canceled our accounts in the past.  We have another account that is related to the parent company.  We will use it as long as it works.

Pay Pal:  Paypal has canceled several of out accounts.  We will use this one until they cancel again.  Unfortunately, when they cancel an account they keep the money.  It is preferable to us that you choose a different one if possible.

Cash App:  This is another mobile payment system like Venmo. It is encrypted and highly secure.

Credit Card:  We can send you an invoice to pay by credit card.  Please don’t mention Kratom!




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