Does Kratom Help Treat Arthritis Pain?

by in Kratom, Pain Management November 17, 2020

I received this testimony by  email today and asked if I could share it.  The customer is new to Kratom and has had great experiences with kratom improving his quality of life.  Here’s what Rick has to say:


YES it DOES! I came down with a severe onset of psoriatic arthritis in September 2020. For anyone who
has not experience this disease it is no fun. I am 69 and up until this hit I was a very active young man
full of energy. I kept busy all day and stayed up late in the evenings. When the psoriatic arthritis hit me
it turned my life upside down. I hurt all over, my hands and hip joint hurt, and most importantly I was
exhausted all day. I was lucky to have a family support system. My daughter, who believes in natural
methods of healing and pain management brought me a bag of Kratom sold by In the Weeds store
located in Fredericksburg to try. It was amazing what affect it had on the problems I was dealing with.
It worked immediately as a pain and anxiety reducer. But, the most amazing benefit was how the
Kratom gave me a big energy boost, eliminated the extreme exhaustion, and completely stopped the
need to take long naps during the day. This was the single biggest benefit I had as the onset of the
arthritis basically wiped me out during the day with no energy.
What did my rheumatoid doctor say? He put me on some powerful drugs for the treatment of the
arthritis. I asked the critical question. Can I take the Kratom sold by In the Weeds store if I find it to
help me? He told me YES that if I get benefits from Kratom then there is not harm in me taking it. It has
become a daily therapeutic necessity for me! And it works.

Fredericksburg VA

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