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Blue Raspberry – CBD Vape Pen


The CBDfx vape pen is expertly formulated with organically grown, full spectrum hemp oil and a proprietary blend of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and natural flavors. With 30mg of pure CBD, this pen offers a potent dose of CBD and is perfect for on the go or active lifestyles. The pen does not require charging and is ready to go right out of the package.

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Proprietary blend of CBD (Cannabidiol), Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin.
Natural flavors added for taste.


Do I need anything else to use the CBD Vape Pen in Strawberry Lemonade?
No – this pen is a disposable, standalone CBD product that is ready to be vaped as soon as you open the box. No charging is required, either: the pen will run out of CBD before the battery dies, making this among our simplest options for on-the-go CBD dosing.

What are some CBD vape pen effects?

Our CBD Knowledge Hub has the most in-depth look at some of the potential benefits of dosing CBD, but it’s important to note that the medical and scientific communities are still knee-deep in studies to understand exactly what benefits CBD provides. Anecdotally, people across the world are using CBD for everything from anxiety relief, to chronic pain management, to insomnia abatement, and much more.

Is this a good product for new CBD users?

Yes! Unlike our CBD Vape Oil products which should be mixed with an e-liquid into an existing vaporizer setup, this pen is ready for use right out of the packaging. With a total of 30mg of active full-spectrum CBD in each pen, the dosing amount in these pens is perfect for new and intermediate CBD users alike.

Disposable CBD Vaping Just Got A Whole Lot Juicier – Are you ready for this?

The new Strawberry Lemonade flavored pre-filled CBD vape pen from CBDfx is a flavor revolution that makes vaping your dose tastier than ever! The same quality you’d expect from a disposable CBD vape pen by CBDfx now comes in this highly requested and ridiculously delicious new flavor that will knock your socks off every time you take a puff. As usual, no charging or other devices are required: right out of the box, this pen is ready to be vaped so you can get a dose of full-spectrum, organically produced CBD anytime — and anywhere — you need it. With a full 30mg of active CBD in each pen, you’ll get long-lasting value that won’t run out after just a few puffs.

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