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Save 15% automatically when you pay by e-check.  This is a secure way to pay be electronic check.  The savings will automatically reflect at checkout.

Save 20% automatically when you pay with Venmo.  The savings will automatically be applied at checkout. Venmo is a company owned by PayPal that allows you to attach your credit card or debit card to make a secure payment.  Instructions follow the completion of your order.

*This discount is for a limited time only or while supplies last.

Save 0% when you pay by credit card!!!  (other coupons are still effective.) Why?  Visa and Mastercard have made it nearly impossible for Kratom vendors to collect on their internet sales.  For those of you that don’t know about the siege by the FDA and the banks and financial institutions against Kratom vendors, we are being treated as drug dealers.  They shut down our accounts and apply any other means to discredit us and keep us from collecting money by credit card.  They will even black list us so that we have to wait years to be able to accept cards again.  For some reason they don’t want a cure to the opioid crisis, they want you to stay on opioids.  Go figure!

We offer credit cards as a payment method on our website and in our store.  Neither one are guaranteed for long.  Often if we can get someone to process credit cards for us, it is usually short lived.  That said, regardless of how you pay, we still appreciate your business, however we see this as an opportunity to save you some money by paying a different way, that is free to you.

Some coupons will not work if the savings is less or equal to your payment method discount.  Coming soon – Buy One Get One deals and monthly subscriptions that will save even more.  Thanks very much for your support and your business.

Click here to go shop Kratom now!      or if you would like to know more about Venmo, click here!

All the Best,

Bill DiStasio – CEO

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