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Kratom Scientific formula
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Kratom grows naturally in several countries in SouthEast Asia.  Indonesia is a country made up of approximately 17,500 small islands such as Borneo, Bali, Sumatra, Hulu Papuas, etc.  It has become famous for its ability to mask the withdrawal symptoms from opioid addiction.  It’s also used for many of the medical issues that opioids are used for plus chronic pain, anxiety, energy and it seems to work great with automimune diseases.

We only carry 100% pure kratom.  It is picked by hand in the rainforests of southern Indonesia and surrounding countries.  The  oldest trees have the highest content of mitragynine at the very top.  

Due to the FDA and their fight to make kratom illegal, sometimes it can be hard to find quality kratom, but we have suppliers that have consistently produced high-quality kratom for us for over 2 years.  some as high as 1.9% mitragynine.

Some use Kratom to help lower blood pressure which is great for the heart.  It also reduces stress and pain, both of which have a direct effect on the heart.

Benefits of Kratom

Pain & Sleep

Inflamation, Arthritis, Pain, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Injury, Phantom Limb, Migraine, Cramps, Sleep Apnea, Anti-inflammatory, Combats Fatigue, Analgesia, Osteoporosis.

Mental Health

Reduces Anxiety, ADHD, Stress, Depression, OD, Bipolar, PTSD, Hangover, Comfort, Addiction Recovery, Mental Clarity, Cognitive Function, Increased Motivation, Memory, Fear, Balance.


Mood Enhancer, Energy, Active, Sedation, Healing, Performance, Increases Circulation, Sexual Stimulant, Enhances Productivity, Weight Loss, Endurance, Builds Muscle, Enhanced Communication.


Diabetes, Nausea, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Appetite Loss, Increase Urination, Constipation, Diarrhea and Crohn's disease, plus other autoimmune diseases.

Other Benefits

Helps with Dry Skin, Diabetes Treatment and Prevention, Prevents Atherosclerosis, Better Sleep, Prevents Cancer, Anticonvulsant, Improves Vascularity, Prevents Respiratory Infections, Relieves Menstrual Cramps, Stomach Aches.

Red Borneo

We only have limited research  done on Kratom because it has been illegal  in places that it grows.  That is changing though with many countries beginning to legalize Kratom.  Recently, some colleges & universities have received grants from the FDA to research Kratom.


Like CBD, Kratom is now available in many different forms including extracts, capsules, powder, drinks, vape juice and many more to come.   We have found that it is most effective by using the powder in a citrus juice.

We started out with the goal in mind of finding a way to get people free of their addiction.  What we have found is that Kratom works great for this.  It basically masks the withdrawal symptoms and makes the body think it is getting it opioids.  This allows the brain to focus on recovery instead of looking for the next fix.  As we have seen for decades, the withdrawal effects are unbearable, thus the body’s instincts take over causing the person to make bad decisions and go find more drugs.  It is an endless battle and lasts for months.  Bypassing the withdrawal effects makes the worst part of addiction bearable.  We are not doctors and we don’t claim that your are cured, however in our experience it works great.  Until now rehabilitation has been averaging between 2-18% success rate and most of those people have been to rehab multiple times before.  Obviously we are not researchers either, but our success rate is approximately 92%, since we started in October of 2017.

Kratom overdose? Is it possible?

A study in 2019 identified a lethal kratom dosage in mice, or at least a lethal dose of the extracted alkaloids (injected intravenously (i.v.)). For mitragynine, the LD50 (or median lethal dose, the dose that kills 50% of the test population) is apparently 27.8 mg/kg body weight i.v. And for 7-hydroxymitragynine, it’s 24.7 mg/kg body weight i.v. This places the lethal kratom dosage (in mice) roughly in the same region as heroin’s: 27.3 mg/kg body weight i.v.

However, it’s crucial to note the uncommon route of administration; few if any inject. When administered orally, the LD50 for mitragynine in mice was 547.7 mg/kg body weight. No lethal dose was observed for 7-hydroxymitragynine given orally.

So can you overdose on kratom? Probably not—at least not by accident. These findings appear to uphold the broad consensus among users that a lethal kratom dosage (using powdered leaf products as opposed to resins or extracts of unknown potency) would be physically impossible to reach. Doses in excess of 8-9 grams (upwards of 90 mg/kg body weight, say) will induce vomiting far sooner.

 Pantano, F. et al. (2016). Hepatotoxicity Induced by “the 3Ks”: Kava, Kratom and Khat. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 17(4):580

The Ultimate Guide to Kratom

CBD scientific formula

With CBD now legal in most states, with a few restrictions. ‘CBD’ stands for cannabidiol.  There are 116 cannabinoids that make up CBD.  Did you know that we have a separate endocrine system in our bodies to process CBD.  Thankfully, we now have the opportunity to really study CBD and hemp to find out more about how it works.  Each day it seems scientists are coming up with more and more benefits from CBD and it is literally changing lives all of the world.  Of the many different reasons people use CBD, anxiety and stress are at the top of the list.

Benifits of THC and CBD

Hemp Oil has been available and legal for decades, however CBD has been recently legalized in all 50 states.  It can even be found in your local drug store.  Be careful what you buy and make sure that you are actually getting CBD.  It should be independently lab-tested.

Our CBD suppliers put their product through rigorous third party independent lab testing to make sure you know what your are buying.  Most of the quality brands own their farms and they don’t use pesticides or other harmful chemicals.  

CBD and Hemp Oil are not the same thing.  Hemp Oil comes from the seed and stems of a cannabis plant, a cousin of marajuana.  Hemp Oil does not include CBD or THC.  Cannabidiol comes from  pressing the plant or ingestion of the plant through smoking, vaping, oils or edibles.

CBD has a long list of benefits for its users.  From anxiety relief to improved circulation, new uses are being discovered almost every day and a new understanding of CBD itself is leading to even more new information like – CBG.

Pure Herbal Extracts

From our full line of essential oils to natural sleep aids like melotonin, you are sure to find a product that works for you.  But if not, we have access to thousands of different wellness products and we would be glad to get anything you might request.

Our Therapeutic Botanical s Vitamins , Minerals ,Extracts,Oils and Diffusers

Our Therapeutic Botanicals

Essential Oils & Diffusers

Our private label essentials oils are top quality and full of terpines to fill your home or office with relaxing scents from around the world.

Extracts & Oils

All of our products are therapeutic grade. They are made to work with your body to make you feel better on a daily basis. Often times our food just doesn't provide all of what our bodies need, but these extracts can supply what your body needs to stay healthy and happy.

Vitamins & Minerals

Everyone one is different and so to is their diet, their daily activities and habits so, each person requires different vitamins and minerals. We have a wide variety to please everyone.



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